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MHM's vocation is to respond proactively to various projects,

ranging from the additional module to custom calibres.


MHM offers watch brands a top-of-the-range, sophisticated and personalized service.

MHM follows the project in its entirety, from the sketch to the final assembly, including

design, conceptualization by 3D imaging, construction, prototyping, pre-series production and laboratory testing.

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In the conceptualization phase, MHM develops new operating principles and innovative technical ideas to serve the projects.


From the initial thoutht to the creation of the first sketches, MHM works closely with the client to offerproducts that meet their needs and expectations.

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The pre-study phase is dedicated to making the first global energy calculations and 2D sketches of the major components of the product.

The research will enable the teams to decide on the choice of techniques, mechanisms and materials with the aim of drawing up the final specifications.

A prior art search is then carried out, an essential step in the process of filing for patents that may be necessary.

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Once the conceptualization phase is complete, the design teams apply themselves to creating  2D and 3D sketches.


The colors, aspects and finishes of the product are determined. This stage also includes a search for the materials that will best suit the project. This work is carried out in conjunction with the technical office and the client in order to analyze the feasibility of the concept and to precisely define the various elements of the specifications.

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For the construction of the product, calculations and 3D design of the watch components are necessary.


After this phase of simulation and validation of the mechanisms, the drawings of the parts to be manufactured are published. This step leads to the establishment of bills of material and the manufacturing schedule before proceeding with the filing of patents depending on the case.



In order to reproduce the product as faithfully as possible, the factory's designers produce 3D photos and videos.


The advantage of 3D technology lies in the possibility of making modifications to the product without technical and logistical constraints, unlike a traditionally produced image. 

imagerie 3d


After 3D imaging, MHM designs prototypes within a short time frame in order to validate the construction.


This collaborative work between the technical office, the manufacturing departement and the watchmakers allows us  to obtain functional parts in the best conditions. Once this stage has been completed, the design can be validated in turn.



Following the prototyping stage, MHM launches the manufacturing and assembly phase of the products.


This stage allows to validate all the technical aspects but also to obtain the first parts on which various laboratory tests will be applied. The production of pre-series can involve up to several dozen parts.

realisation pre-série
test en laboratoire


To ensure the reliability and durability of components and products, MHM carries out numerous tests and measurements.


This approach, a guarantee of reliability, enable the solidity and robustness of each part to be validated.. From aging tests to resistance to shocks or temperature variations, not forgetting the  measurement of the step or micro-torque, each analysis is meticulously carried out in order to guarantee long term quality.

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Once all the steps have been completed and validated, the product is considered finished and all the components are manufactured.


The phases of decoration, washing, pre-assembly, assembly, final inspection and packaging of the finished product ready for delivery then begin. Afterwards, MHM follow up on the products in order to continue to support the customer in the continuous improvement of his project.



Once the project has been completed, the factory provide technical follow-up and control over the long term.

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service après-vente
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